5 Common Varieties of Video Gaming genres

Games, the term, is used to collectively define any game that involves a collection of pieces that spin and/or move within a playing surface. Typically, games are separated from other activities, such as sports, that typically require players to be on their feet and mobile. Playing games is most often performed with a group of people who share a common interest, an objective, or even a common language. However, in some cases, even two people can play the same game over a period of time. The most common types of games are card and board games.


A card game generally refers to a game where players must complete a series of card combinations before coming out with a card face. Most video games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Mario Brothers: Super Mario Bros. is examples of card games. In order to win these types of games, players must first acquire a certain amount of power ups that increase the amount of points that can be earned per game. In some cases, power ups also can result to added levels of difficulty, items that are needed in order to advance through levels, or even special endings. The fun fact about card games is that the game doesn’t end after one player wins.

Board games like Chess, Candy Land, Stacking and Tic-Tac-Toe are popular among different types of genres. These games have evolved from their traditional chess and checkers modes to include a wide variety of different types of gameplay. For example, in Candy Land, the board is replaced by an endless candy desert that players must fill up with different types of candies. Players can switch gears between game play in order to maximize their score.

An adventure game is a type of video game that deals with solving puzzles and exploring environments using a vehicle. An adventure game is considered a genre when there is significant exploration, skill building, decision making, and a story in the mix. Adventure games are very popular among different types of players. The majority of them require some degree of skill in order to succeed. However, it’s possible to play these games without having to be a skillful player. The most popular adventure games fall into the puzzle and adventure category.

A text-based adventure game is also a type of game that offers a narrative but instead of requiring players to think and perform actions, text-based adventure games require players to perform mini-games that are based on dialogues or events that are written in the game. The writing style of text-based adventure games can vary significantly depending on the title or provider. Some titles offer heavy narrative content, while others offer very light narrative content. Some titles are even multi-player, where each player uses a different device in order to solve the puzzle and partake in the narrative.

A final and very important category is the simulation or role-playing game. Unlike most genres that focus on narrative and character development, this particular genre is about managing game mechanics and creating characters. In most cases, these games require players to engage in actions using game mechanics instead of purely engaging in narrative. One of the main benefits of this genre is that the mechanics of the game can provide strong entertainment and challenge.