A Brief History Of The GADGET Brand Name


A Brief History Of The GADGET Brand Name

A gadget is something creative, a tool or an artistic object. Gadgets can be called gizmos too. It is difficult to think of a gadget which was not invented by someone. The history of gizmos dates back from the very beginning. Gadgets and technological advances have paved the way for a better world in so many ways.

The word gadget has its origin in the Italian word gaggia which means a hook or a thimble. This is how the word got its name. Later on, the French borrowed the word and shortened it to gadget. This was the first gadget to take the world by storm when it was used in 1791 by Paul Lama.

Before the first used of the term gadget, the meaning of the word had been a small tool used to manipulate equipment. Gadgets come in different shapes, forms and sizes. But the first used of the word gadget changed to the one which today refers to any small tool with an innovative function.

The first gadget to receive the name of a brand was the electric shaver. This tool is very common even today in almost every house. The first used of the word gadget had the appearance like that of a radio, a hand-held radio but with the addition of a powerful battery. It was powered by the movement of the hand and the heat from the burning battery. The brand name of this electric shaver was gag e.

The first gadget to receive the name of a brand was the calculator. This is probably the gadget everyone is familiar with. In fact, it has become such a part of our lives that most people do not take it out of its box. Today, a calculator is used not only to compute numbers like multiplying, dividing and calculating but can also be used for scientific calculations. There are even calculators that can play games.

The first and foremost gadget to receive the name of a brand was the electric shaver. This one is still being used by many people. This is probably one of the first brands that came in handy in one’s daily life. One can save time and effort by using it to shave off the whisker on one’s head.

Another electric gadget was the electric razor. Like the electric shavers, it became popular among men. Electric razors have come a long way since its first use and became one of the most efficient ways to shave. The disposable razors are now replaced with the rechargeable kind to assure continuous usage over a longer period of time. In order to get the best results, one should use electric shavers with the GADGET brand.

The list of all the names for these electronic gadgets is too long to mention here. However, there is one name that remains a constant and favorite among all the others; the GADGET brand. This is the name that remains engraved in one’s mind when talking about electric gadgets. One must remember to purchase only the GADGET gadgets for the best results.