Laptop Units: What You Need to Know

A laptop, also known as notebook, laptop unit, or just laptop is usually a small, light portable personal computer using a touch screen and usually alphanumeric keypad. The term “laptop” is thought to have come from the combination of two words “laptop” and “point” – to touch, or manipulate, using the fingers. Touchscreens are also referred to as “tact” displays. A laptop includes various technologies including RAM, hard disk, video card, speakers, optical drives, batteries and networking among others. Laptops can be carried around without any problems, unlike the desktop computers; they are designed for both work and leisure.


Laptops can be divided into several categories such as notebook, convertible, netbook, and desktop replacement. Notebooks are ultra-portable laptops specifically meant for use on the go. They have extended capabilities and are mostly used by business professionals. Notebooks were originally a brand of computer designed and manufactured by the Apple Corporation, specifically for their college students who were unable to afford desktop computers. Today, even ordinary people buy laptops to satisfy their computing needs at home and at work.

A convertible laptop is also a type of laptop unit. It has the main function of laptop but can also be converted to a desktop computer by unfolding it. Netbooks are smaller than typical laptops. They are mostly used by people who want to access the Internet using Wi-Fi rather than a wired connection. Netbooks can also be used as a portable computer when the user is not in a public location.

Desktop replacements on the other hand, are regular laptops that are configured to look like a traditional desktop computer. Usually, a laptop has a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Desktop replacements on the other hand have bigger screens, larger keyboards, bigger monitors, faster processors, and more powerful graphics cards. The screen size and the size of the keyboard tray are usually bigger than those of a normal laptop. Most importantly, desktop replacement models have extended battery life.

Although these kinds of laptop units are usually smaller than normal ones, they are very convenient to use for transportation. Many public transport providers in major cities have buses with detachable laptops compartment. Traveling by train is also very convenient. These days, people use laptops or notebooks in their cars to access the Internet while they are driving.

Laptops are also ideal for business travelers since they can be carried around discreetly. These laptop units are often very lightweight. They are also very affordable, despite their size. Due to the benefits of having a laptop unit, it is now being carried around by many people since they are also very convenient and space saving.