What Are Gadgets?

A gadget is an ingenious piece or a complex device. Gadgets can be called gizmos too. Some gizmos may be very simple things like pen, pencil, watch, or radio; but there are some other sophisticated gadgets which play music, detect weight, detect movement, and so on. Other gizmos are even more complicated like watches or laser pointers. Many people have become a collector of different kinds of gizmos and many hobbyists make a business out of assembling these gizmos into interesting and creative gadgets.


The word ” Gadget” came from the German term “Gette,” which means “little toy.” Gette was the first used term for a gadget in English. According to legend, the first used word for a gadget was a cart which children used to draw water from wells in the Middle Ages. It was invented by Johannes Butt and was called “hette.” In English, it became known as a gadget. Thus, the modern meaning of “gadget” came from the German term “Gette” plus the English word “chette” which means cart or stick.

In computer parlance, a gadget is also a software program or a hardware device that is used to store data, or execute specific procedures. Some famous examples of software programs and hardware devices are the Apple Macintosh, Windows, Linux, MySQL, Apache, Java, Palm OS, Windows ME and so forth. There are even companies and manufacturers who develop gadgets for sale. Examples of such companies are Sony, Dell, BlackBerry, T-Mobile, and others. As of today, there are over one hundred thousand software applications and over five thousand hardware applications for download over the Internet.

A French g tart is a specialized kind of device, which, as the name indicates, is a utensil, like a whisk or a fork, which is used in the kitchen for mixing ingredients. At first, the utensils were only made of metal, but now they are also available in plastic, glass, ceramic, wood and other materials. Originally, a gadget was a piece of equipment used by men in the kitchen. However, with the changing times and with the growth of gadgets in every part of our lives, the word gadget has become much more versatile. For instance, a kettle, ladle, pan, toaster, hair dryer, toaster, blender, microwave, and juicer all originally had the same function.

But now the gadget in question can be used for cooking, for cleaning, for traveling, for dusting, for storing food, for sanitizing, for tuning an instrument, for playing musical instruments, for decorating your house, for printing, for driving an automobile and so on. There are even some that play music, display images, make calls, send messages and so on. But all this came into being only after the first use of the utensil. A gadget has become a gadget, a piece of equipment used to perform a particular task, and as such it has to be very efficient.

A gadget is no longer a simple utensil; it is now more like a small machine. Gadgets change gADGETs from being simple tools to something more. The word ‘gadget’ has come to mean ‘effectual’. Thus the gADGETS are found in every sphere of life, and in each of its branches.