What Are Gadgets?

A gadget is a clever electronic apparatus or any innovative product invented by someone. Gadgets can be called either gizmos or tech gadgets. Some examples of gizmos are iPods, cell phones, computer software and other electronic gadgets. There are many types of gizmos that exist today and this list will just touch the surface.


The very first gadget was invented in 1791 by Louis Pasteur, who is considered as the father of medical chemistry. He created the pipette or the first used thermometer. This type of small tool was originally made for his studies in physiology. Today this tool is used in laboratories and clinics all over the world as a way of determining the temperature of various parts of a body.

The hand-scale or the first used Global Positioning System is also considered to be a g Gadget. It was initially invented in 2800 BC by the Chinese. This timepieces use the GPS technology and is basically used for navigation.

Another famous gadget in the world is the television remote control. This is probably the most used and popular of all the gadgets. Almost all houses have one of these installed in them. The TV Remote can also change the channel and scroll through the picture menus.

There is also the toilet brush that has a lot of functions such as defroster, brush head, float switches and several other functions. It has to be taken care of that it does not get damaged because it is very convenient to use. The toilet brush is considered as a g Gadget in many countries because it has so many uses.

There is a gadget which is known as the digital camera. It has very high resolution and is very convenient to use. People can get a photo that looks like a regular picture taken by a camera. This type of gadget has been introduced in the year 1970 and has become very popular with the people. It is due to its great features that has made it so popular.

Another gadget is the calculator. It is considered as a gizmo because of its great functionality. There are some who cannot live without a calculator due to its extremely helpful feature. The calculator can also be used for many other purposes such as solving some mathematical problems. It has also been a helpful tool in calculating future dates and numbers.

The digital clock is another useful gadget. They serve as time pieces. The advantage of these clocks is that they can tell the exact time by using seconds and minutes. This can be done without much difficulty. It is also considered as a good health gadget. This has an alarm, which can wake you up in the morning.

GADGETS are not only useful to us but also to our environment. Without gadgets we would have no electricity or water. Thus, it is a very important invention. They have brought a change in our life and society as well. In a nutshell, all of us are indebted to gadgets.