A gadget is any ingenious piece or an ingenious mechanical apparatus. Gadgets can be termed as miniature equipments which facilitate our work and save us time. These devices can perform multiple tasks and can perform them at the same time. They can be a clock, radio, calculator or any other electronic device. In our daily life, we find that gadgets are very useful to us and we do not think about their origin or their size before buying one.

We cannot imagine a typical computer or a television without a cord or a connector. Thus these things are known as gadgets. A great variety of gadgets is available in the market and every new generation gadget has a unique function. You may find a small pen which can help you to write very fast or a radio which is very handy for entertainment purposes or a calculator which helps you to make comparisons easily. These things are considered as gadgets and hence we find them called as gadgets.

The term gadget can also be used for small technical items whose precise name cannot be described. Some examples of such items are the drills which have very small heads, magnifying glasses, calculators or testers which sometimes refer to mechanical tools such as drills, shapers or compasses which are very convenient to carry. Some other examples include cameras and camcorders which are very useful gadgets, cell phones which are very convenient and come with various facilities like voice dialing or touch screen, televisions which are great technical items whose precise names cannot be described. These small technical items whose names cannot be described are also called as gadgets. In technical terminology, a ged is a technical device whose precise name cannot be defined.

Another meaning of the term gadget is a small tool used for precision work. The most common type of a small tool is a screw drivers which are very small tools for precise work. Some other examples of such tools are pliers which are used for tightening or loosening small parts or nuts which are used in connecting wires. A screwdriver is also a small tool but it is mainly used for opening or closing a screw. There are some tools like knives and scissors which are used for cutting and many other uses.

A tool which is used for drilling is called as drill bit. A drill is also called as anvil, stone or a diamond core drill which is used for driving holes. A socket wrench is also a tool but it is not a drill. A socket wrench is similar to a screwdriver but it is used for tightening and loosening bolts and nuts. It also has a very unique feature of being able to turn a nut or bolt in reverse. In this way it can be used for replacing damaged parts or shells of toys which have been melted down by the children.

GADGETS have made a revolution in many fields. They have become much more efficient than the earlier mechanical and hand driven tools. The people who are using GADGETS are getting more satisfied day by day. This is because they are built with precision engineering and they perform their tasks quite effortlessly and quickly.