What Is a Laptop Computer?


What Is a Laptop Computer?

A laptop, desktop computer, or computerized notebook is usually a notebook, small and portable, with a keyboard and screen. Laptops are used for personal Computing in the home or at work. A laptop is often referred to as a tablet PC. The term “Laptop” can also be applied to any lightweight handheld personal computer that lacks a keyboard or screen. The common use of a laptop normally refers to the smaller sized, generally hand held, versions of the larger desktop computers.

Laptop computers have many advantages over desktop computers. Mainly they offer increased battery life, portability, a compact footprint, higher memory capacities, and graphics cards, which allow for high quality graphics. All of these factors make laptop’s the ideal system for a wide range of personal computing needs. Laptops can also be used as a Media Player and as a GPS Device.

Laptops can also be used as a home computer. They have the benefits of portability, battery life, and versatility. Laptop computers also allow for greater functionality than desktops due to the larger keyboard space and larger display screens. However, the two major disadvantages of using a laptop computer are the slow speed and the lack of any type of memory upgrade. Laptops do not have the same memory capacity as desktops.

For those who are looking for an all around general purpose machine, the LAPTOP may be the ideal choice. It is equipped with a standard keyboard, but has larger LCD display displays, which offer increased viewing options and comfort for long hours of viewing. The LAPTOP does not sacrifice the quality of sound for this advantage.

There are many makes and models available on the market. Most of the laptops available have been developed by companies other than Apple, so you will probably not run into a lot of “known” laptop makers when searching for a LAPTOP. A good place to begin your search is on the Internet since this is where the largest amount of laptop models are listed.

Laptop computers often come bundled with additional hardware such as a DVD burner or scanner. In most cases, it is the additional hardware that makes the laptop worth the purchase. Before buying a LAPTOP, take the time to compare price online among several different vendors. Although most LAPtop models are not cheap, they are generally well constructed and loaded with many of the same features available on desktops. If price is not an issue for you, the LAPTOP may be right for you.